The NSVRC On-Call Consultant Program was created on behalf of our member jurisdictions as a way to provide efficient delivery of planning, engineering, architectural, and other professional services for local and regional projects.

This program is exclusively available to member local governments of the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission for a minimal program administration fee.

Without this program, the typical time required to contract for professional services with a

with a consultant takes a minimum of 45 days just for the solicitation and selection process.  This process includes the time associated with the development of an RFP or similar document, expensive multimedia advertisements along with the interview and selection process.

The NSVRC has streamlined this process for you in order to reduce project overhead.  By participating in the OCP, pre-qualified consultants are available now which can save your local government time and money!



5% of the consultants finalized proposal amount


How this program can benefit our localities

The Consultants listed were selected following a rigorous procurement process and after thorough review of their qualifications and client experience testimonials of successful past performance. The expertise of these consultants ranges from comprehensive and/or area development planning and review to public facility designs and assessments including roads, bridges, water/sewer, site development, etc.

Requesting A Consultant

The locality determines their need to utilize the On-Call Consultant Program and submits a completed request form which includes the client's contact information, description of the project and the type of consultant requested.
The NSVRC reviews the request form and provides the client's information to the most suitable On-Call Consultant.
The Consultant negotiates directly with the client and submits a not-to-exceed fee proposal to the Client's Project Contact.
The Client indicates their approval by sending a copy of the Consultant's finalized proposal, and a signed Project Requisition Agreement (PRA).
Upon receipt of the required documents the NSVRC will assign a project number for the services and issue a Notice to Proceed to the consultant.


OR EMAIL Senior Projects Manager, Karen Taylor - ktaylor@nsvregion.org